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Herbs are delicious and have powerful, healing benefits

Herbs and spices can take bland food to great heights and turn them into a feast fit for a king. Most herbs are full of antioxidants, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal. I like to think of herbs as part of God's medicine cabinet.

Basil - You immediately think of Italian when you hear basil. One sniff, and you think of pizza. It compliments anything with tomatoes. It’s the main ingredient in pesto and goes well with olive oil. Put it in spaghetti or lasagna to give it that authentic flair.

Dill - Dill has a feathery fern-like leaf and is very delicate. It’s often in dip and adds great flavor to fish or chicken. You don’t need much to give food a delicious savory taste.

Parsley - It was usually thought to be a garnish to decorate your dish, but people are now realizing its benefits. It adds a lot to any dish and is good for digestion. It also freshens your breath. Add it to salad, too.

Rosemary - I love the woodsy scent of rosemary, as it reminds me of Christmas. It’s delicious roasted on chicken, pork, or beef. I always add it to my bone broth for extra flavor.

Sage - I think of Thanksgiving when I smell sage. It goes great in homemade sausage*, stuffing, or on chicken or turkey. I add a leaf to my morning tea for great health benefits.

Thyme - I once heard a chef say that if he could only use one herb, it would be thyme. I love the woody plant and add it to everything. It is a perennial and grows like crazy. Supposedly, mosquitos don’t like it, so I plant it around my deck with my flowers.

Cilantro - I can’t help but think of my favorite, guacamole. It looks a lot like parsley, but has its own flavor. It’s very healthy and has detoxifying properties. It took a little getting used to, but now I like it.

Oregano - It’s another herb connected to Italian cuisine. It has been helpful to people with digestive problems, asthma, respiratory illnesses, and helps with a cold or flu. I love it.

Always pick herbs in the morning before it gets hot to get them at their peak. They can be stored in a paper towel and placed in a plastic bag in the fridge. I've dried basil by placing it in a paper bag and putting it in a closet for a few weeks.

I simply crushed it with my hands and put it in an airtight jar. Use 3 times more fresh than dried herbs. Besides using them in your cooking, they make a great tea.

Most herbs will start to flower mid to late summer if you don't pick them regularly. You can dry or freeze them for later use.

Consider growing your own herbs. Much of the herbs and spices sold in the stores have been heavily sprayed and it's hard to tell how old they are. They're easy to grow and many do well inside even in the winter. Give it a try.

What's your favorite herb and how do you use it?


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