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9 reasons everyone should have a garden even if it’s tiny

Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet and are loaded with vital minerals, vitamins, and everything needed to help you live a vibrant, disease-free life.

They promote mental clarity for a sharp mind, energy to be productive, and help you maintain your ideal weight, as well as nourish every cell in your body. So, why should you grow a garden?

1. You can grow produce at home for a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re starting from seeds or plants, it costs pennies compared to buying them in the store. Also, you can choose from many varieties when shopping for seeds.

You can also grow different varieties and experiment growing things you’ve never tried without breaking your food budget. It will broaden your culinary environment and keep money in your pockets.

2. Homegrown vegetables are fresher. You can pick the produce when it’s perfectly ripe. Most fruits and vegetables travel hundreds of miles cross country to get from the farm, to the warehouse, to your local grocery store, and finally to your table.

Imagine walking to the backyard and picking green beans fresh in the morning and having them that night for dinner. Now, that’s the kind of farm-to-table I’m talking about.

3. You control the types of fertilizer you use - organic or conventional. One of the biggest complaints shoppers have is that buying organic is so expensive. Here’s your opportunity to have your cake and eat it too.

There’s so many good quality natural fertilizers and products to boost the growth of your plants without harming them and you. Organic produce has been shown to be better for you and full of nutrients to help you stay healthy.

4. You’ll eat more produce when you grow it. There’s something about watching a seed or tiny seedling grow into an amazing plant that makes you want to eat it. Children especially develop a taste for vegetables when they’ve had a hand in caring for them. Your backyard becomes a science class and you’ll raise them to care about and protect nature.

5. There’s such a sense of accomplishment as you watch everything grow and mature. Even for beginners, it’s fun to see the progress and anticipate eating it for dinner. If you’re a newbie, start small and grow just a few of your favorites.

6. Working around the plants in the dirt is actually healthy for you. You’re getting good bacteria from the soil that strengthens your immune system. It connects you with the forces in the earth and promotes a healthy mind and body. Many people feel gardening is great therapy. I agree and plants don’t talk back!!!

7. You can share with friends and neighbors. It’s an easy way to support the health of others and they appreciate it. People love getting fresh produce especially when they haven’t put in the labor to harvest it. It’s like getting a nice surprise that you didn’t expect.

8. It’s good exercise. Tilling, digging, weeding, and planting uses all of the muscles in your body, so you get a good work out. I’m often worn out from working in the garden but it always feels so good. Make sure to wear a hat and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

9. You’ll go to the store less which means you’ll save money on gas and buying things you really didn’t need. It’s like having a produce stand in your backyard. You can pick as little or much as you need when you need it, so there’s no waste. When you shop every other week, you may either buy too much and not use it or not buy enough and it could mean an extra trip to the store.

If you are renting or don’t have space for a large garden, consider growing plants in large pots.

Whether you live on a farm and have acres of land or a small house in the city, you can reap the benefits of having a garden. It’s hard work but so rewarding and good for your mind and body.

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