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Can Healthy Foods Make You Sick?

It can be very challenging when you’re trying to figure out why you feel out of sorts. Sometimes, you’re not actually sick, but you just don’t feel right. It might be that you’re sluggish with no energy and can’t seem to lose stubborn weight. Or, maybe, you’re always run down, so you keep catching everyone’s cold or flu bug.

The typical way to get to the bottom of your problems is to go through a battery of test which are often trial and error. You may be prescribed a host of medications that may or may not work. You may even be told that the symptoms that are plaguing you are all in your head. At this point many people throw up their hands and resign themselves to the fact that, this is as good as it gets.

You may have even heard comments like, “This is just part of getting older” or, “This is perfectly normal for women your age”. The fact is that most of the symptoms we struggle with are not so much age-related as they are totally about what we put in our mouths.

An elimination diet or detox is an innovative way to get to the root of your issues. According to Dr. Amy Meyers, a functional medicine physician, by doing an elimination diet, “You’ll remove toxins, reduce inflammation, reinvigorate your health, and discover the food sensitivities that may be the underlying cause of your health issues”.

Your diet is not the only thing that affects your health, but it’s a great place to start because it’s where you have the most control. Ultimately, you decide what foods you eat on any given day. Also, keep in mind, the time of year can affect you differently. Always try to eat foods that are in season and locally grown for best results.

This is also a way to weed out those foods that might be healthy, but they lead to your indigestion, migraines, bloating, skin issues, cravings, and so much more. Most people feel amazing after removing the trigger foods.

It’s best to eliminate these foods for at least two weeks, then you reintroduce them one at a time and see how your body reacts. In many cases, you may not have any problems, however, it may become obvious that certain foods should no longer be a part of your regular diet.

Could an elimination diet help turn your health around?

Imagine putting an end to many of your health problems and feeling the best you’ve felt in years.

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