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Resolutions are useless without an action plan.

A new year always offers so much hope for the future. But let's face it, the last few years have been challenging.

Resolutions have gotten a bad rap lately. Resolutions aren't the problem, it's not having an action plan with steps to get the desired results. That's the problem! Resolution means "the act of solving", "the solution to a

problem", or "a firm decision to do or not do something". When we make resolutions, we should actively be trying to solve a problem. Sounds good to me!!!

So, should we give up on our goals and dreams? No, I don't think so!!!

One thing most people overlook is a plan on how to achieve their goals. You wouldn't think about going on vacation or starting a major building project without some kind of plan in place. Would you?

I'm not talking about keeping those big ideas in your head. They need to be clearly laid out on paper with details explaining how and when it's going to happen.

Goals without a detailed, written plan are just a wish.

Goals should challenge you, but the steps and habits to achieve the goal should easy. If they're too hard, when the going gets tough, you'll give up. Consistent baby steps can give quick wins that motivate you to keep going.

Goals should be based on who you want to become in the process not what you want to get. If you want to lose weight so you can impress your friends, if they're not impressed, you'll probably put the weight back on. Instead, lose the weight so you can be a healthy person who respects herself and wants to be her best.

Goals have to be very specific. Often, people make them very general, so it's hard to know if you actually achieve that goal or not. For example, if you say you want to lose weight, it's not clear how much you want to lose. Is it 10 pounds or 50 pounds? That will make a huge difference.

Goals must have a time limit. Give yourself a reasonable time frame to work in, but have a deadline. For example, you might give yourself six months to save money for a trip. You'll know if you reached your goal or not at the end of that time. Once you reach it, you can set new goals.

Goals should also be measurable. You can't just say you want to get healthy because there's no way to measure if you succeed or not. Instead, you might say you want to eat six to nine vegetables everyday, so you can get off your high blood pressure medicine. Now, that's a plan!!!

Change only comes when you're intentional, have a plan, and put it into practice.

Make this the year that you make your dreams a reality. Start with three to four goals, and work out a plan that's challenging yet specific, has a time limit, is measurable, and based on who you want to become in the process.

One word of caution. Plan on setbacks along the way and don't let them derail you and your efforts. Anticipate them and work around them. Whenever my husband and I travel to see family in North Carolina, we know the 12-hour trip will probably take longer because there always seems to be road construction, an accident, as well as our usual pit stops along the way. When you allow for the unexpected, it doesn't throw you off course.

I'd love to help you reach your health and wellness goals this year. I have daily post on my Facebook page, a private ladies-only Facebook group, and a website with tips, recipes, and lots more. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss one of my videos.

Sometimes you're so close to your goals, but you just need a little extra support as you make your way on this journey called Life.

Are you ready for the next step? Let me help you. There are three options to get on a call with me and one of them is free. Click the link and choose the one that works for you.

To your health,

Coach Maggie, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

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