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Would you like to transform your health? It starts by aligning your spirit, mind, and body. You can start taking control of your health and begin to live out your God-given purpose.


Everyone wants to be healthy and live a fulfilled life, however, much of the disease today is directly related to how we live, eat, work, and play.

Adopting a healthy diet is one of the keys to turning your health around, so Coach Maggie emphasizes proper meal planning. She works with her clients to develop a personalized wellness plan that also includes making improvements in their relationships, spirituality, fitness, and personal life.

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Who We Serve

Using biblical principles, we help women create a Wellness Plan with systems & routines to reach their health goals so they can get excited again and live a purpose-filled life.


They’ve tried a variety of things but have not gotten lasting results nor have they found that inner peace and sense of purpose they desire.


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Meet Coach Maggie

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I’m an author, speaker, and Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach who believes in taking an holistic approach to wellness. In my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned how to empower women to create their own plan that will enable them to take control of their health.


Together we work on simple diet and lifestyle changes that will produce results, so they can reach their personal goals.


I will support you as you take baby steps on your way to living out the best version of you.

Meet Coach Maggie

I'm passionate about helping you discover your full potential. You don't have to stay stuck, or give up on your dreams. There are people who need what only you have to offer. Now's the time to take that first step toward a new beginning. It's Never too late!!!

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7 Reasons to Download the App:

1. Health tips at your fingertips.


2. Be a part of a growing community of those seeking health and wholeness.


3. FB & IG will be at your fingertips.


4. You'll never have to hunt for relevant posts or videos on FB or IG again.

5. You won't waste time scrolling mindlessly through news feeds. 

6. It's free, quick & easy to install and sign up.

7. There will be content not found anywhere else.

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What others are saying...

When I think of Coach Maggie, she represents the woman in Proverbs 31:25.  "She is a woman of strength and dignity and without fear of the future".  I chose Maggie to provide the tough love I needed to get me to be the best version of me.  Her knowledge and creative approach continue to provide the tools for my specific goals.  Maggie provides individualized attention for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs and hits the reset button when needed.   

- Rhonda B.

"I met Maggie through a mutual friend. I like the fact that she helps me to think about healthy eating differently. She’s always positive and upbeat.  I’m glad she sends me the meeting notes, so I can look back on what we talked about. She’s truly helping me on my journey. Something I think about every day that Maggie said is “every decision, even the smallest, has an impact on my future."

- Karen W.

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