What could an elimination diet do for you?

Are you energetic in the morning and ready for whatever comes your way? Do you think clearly during the day, able to handle deadlines and interruptions? Do you feel good about yourself and how you look? Are you pretty close to your ideal weight and have a good self-image? Do have a bowel movement 1-3 times every day and rarely have digestive issues?

If you've said no to any of these questions, then you could benefit from doing an elimination diet. It's an excellent way to detox your body from food and chemical toxins. I'm happy to introduce my new program called 30 Days To Clean Eating.

Your food choices affect more than just the inches on your waist. Certain foods can leave you feeling anxious and depressed, irritable, tired, struggling with insomnia, dealing with migraines & headaches, and more.

Many behavior and academic problems in children have been linked to their diet, and most improve drastically with a clean diet free of problematic foods.

From years of eating refined, processed foods, fluorinated water, breathing dirty air, and living in a stressful society, your body takes a beating. Even when you're eating a healthy diet most of the time, your body has to deal with the chemical toxins found in beauty and cleaning products, furniture, clothing, and the building materials in your home.

All of these culprits together promote chronic inflammation which leads to most disease. Autoimmune conditions are highly affected by the food you eat. They include: acid reflux, arthritis, allergies, lupus, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, celiacs, thyroid conditions, diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, and more.

So, what is an elimination diet, anyway? It's a gentle way to change your eating over a period of time that's easy to implement. For two weeks you remove trigger foods: gluten (found in baked goods, pasta, and many condiments), dairy, eggs, corn, soy (found in processed foods), sugar, coffee, and alcohol.

Most people will start to feel more alert, have more energy, have less cravings, and sleep better within a week or two. Often, they feel so good, they choose to adopt this new diet permanently.

After two weeks, you will reintroduce each food one at a time. If you have a sensitivity to any food, you'll notice right away. You may see previous symptoms return.

You're probably thinking that you can't give up all of these foods or wondering what you'll eat. Actually, there's still a large variety of foods you can enjoy. The good thing is that you aren't limited, and there's no counting calories or points.

You'll be able to enjoy your favorite meat, tons of vegetables, and fruit. You'll find that your taste buds will change, and you'll lose your cravings for sugar and carbs.

So, you may wonder if it's worth depriving yourself of your favorite off-limits treats for over a month. Only you can answer that question.

Don't think about what you'll be missing. Instead think about what you'll be gaining for years to come.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? In order to see different results, you have to do something different and bold. If you feel like this could be what you've been waiting for, sign up now.

The early bird price is $67 until midnight, Monday, January 28. Then the price will go up to $77.

Need more information? Email me at

I'd love to meet you inside my program, 30 Days To Clean Eating.

To your health,

Coach Maggie

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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