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The Secret Weapon To Vibrant Health

If you were to ask for the five most important things you need to live a productive, energetic, and vibrant life, most people would miss this one, often overlooked key ingredient that keeps seekers continually searching.

Sometimes, the hardest questions have the simplest answers.

What most people are lacking and what keeps them from being their best is sweet, beautiful, restful sleep. Experts contend that we need roughly eight hours of sleep a night, yet most of us fall well short of that goal.

We let other seemingly more important things take priority, and it is playing havoc with the health of so many Americans. You may never hear anyone say that their lack of sleep lead to their illness, however, it may have lead to their body's inability to fight that disease.

We've all heard of those people who only slept a few hours a night, managed to keep a crazy-busy schedule, and achieved greatness. But, did they? At some point, shortchanging your body of adequate sleep will eventually take its toll on you.

The exact opposite is true. According to Michael Hyatt, a highly successful productivity expert, "Skimping on sleep, even a little, impairs our mental performance. It creates fatigue, inability to focus, slow reaction times, and more".

He goes on to say that "Going on six hours of sleep a night can reduce our functioning to the level of someone legally drunk".

Are you looking for ways to be more productive at work and at home, get ample sleep at night, so you can be more alert, sharp, and creative in the morning. You'll be able to function at your best, tackle difficult situations, and do so with less stress.

Don't be fooled that you're doing just fine on five to six hours of sleep each night. Do you find yourself depending on caffeine to get you through the morning? Do you need another boost during the mid-afternoon? These are hints that you are stretching yourself thin, and it's only a matter of time before something snaps.

This has to be an intentional plan on your part. It won't just happen. There will always be one more thing to do before settling in for the night.

As you make sleep a real priority, you will see how many of the other challenges you're experiencing will improve. With renewed vibrance, you'll feel better in other areas of your life including health, relationships, emotional wellbeing, career, and more.

Start planning, now, how you can change your evening routine to insure a great night's sleep and an amazing bright future tomorrow.

To Your Health,

Coach Maggie

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