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Are You Craving Sugar?

Most people would be quick to say that they have absolutely no problem with sugar, however, if you asked them to stop using it, they couldn’t. William Duffy, the author of Sugar Blues, says, “Like heroin, cocaine, and caffeine, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug, yet we consume it daily in everything from cigarettes to bread”.

The USDA recommends that we should not eat more than 10 tablespoons per day, yet most American eat roughly 30 tablespoons every single day. Do you realize that that’s three times more than we should be consuming? This may explain why we have so much disease in our country. We have a deadly sweet tooth.

The negative effects of sugar consumption are many including: weight gain, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart disease, and the one most people don’t think of, cancer!

Research is now showing brain shrinkage in people with high blood sugar levels. It affects the area in the brain that controls long and short-term memory and emotional health. Aren’t we seeing more and more cases of dementia in even younger and younger people? Could there be a connection?

Another problem with sugar is that it gives us a momentary “high” only to be followed by a “low”, and usually leaves you feeling sluggish. It messes with your mood and can lead to depression. Its presence in the body worsens any other health conditions you might have and stresses the body.

The fact that many products are coming out with a “No Sugar Added” label tells us that most items do, in fact ,contain this sneaky ingredient. We find it in spaghetti sauce, salad dressings, frozen vegetables, canned foods, deli meats, and more.

So, are we doomed forever to give into our cravings? No!! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Avoid eating processed foods. They generally all contain some form of sugar.

  • Switch to natural sweeteners like stevia, pure raw honey, or pure organic maple syrup ( in moderation).

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Eat more green vegetables.

  • Eat more naturally foods like sweet potatoes, berries, and green apples.

Drastically cut back on the amount of sweets you eat. Save them for special occasions instead on a regular basis. Drink plenty of water, get some exercise, and extra sleep to help prevent withdrawal symptoms.

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