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Hit The Reset Button

Labor Day signals the end of the lazy days of summer cookouts, pool parties, and outdoor concerts. It seems like just yesterday, when we were planning our Memorial Day activities. Where did the time go?

This late in the year it’s easy to think that if you haven’t reach your 2017 goals, it’s too late now. But, you know what? There’s still plenty of time to set new goals for the remainder of this year.

Now it’s time to kick it into gear, come up with a plan, and get started this weekend.

Fall’s a great time to:

  • Look over your activities for the next several weeks.

  • Plan some family outdoor activities (bonfire, rake leaves, visit to a pumpkin patch, etc).

  • Declutter your house - a room at a time

  • Go through your closets and give away clothes you’re not wearing

  • Start planning healthy meals - soups, stews, and casseroles

  • Start a new exercise routine

  • Take an online course, or go to the library and check out some books

  • Start a project or craft (scrapbooking, knitting, baking, etc.)

  • Start making your holiday menu

  • Start making your Christmas gift list

The fact is that there are:

75 days to Thanksgiving

107 days to Christmas

114 days to New Year’s Day

I don’t tell you this to discourage you, but instead, to encourage you to hit the reset button and finish 2017 well. We can beat ourselves up thinking about what we didn’t get done, but that won’t change anything. Or, we can reevaluate where we want to be and how we can get there.

Too often we throw in the towel when things aren’t going the way we thought they would, or we don’t reach that goal we set. It’s only a failure when we give up without a fight, and surrender to defeat.

So, hit that reset button, make a plan this weekend, and get started. Need some help? Reply to this email, and let me know how I can be of service.

Which project will you do first? I’d love to hear from you.

To your health,

Coach Maggie

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