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Helping Your Child Manage Stress in School

There’s not an adult alive who hasn’t dealt with stress. Whether it’s from your job, marriage, relationships, or self-inflicted, it can consume you. Unfortunately, children are showing more and more signs of extreme stress. Many times they are dealing with difficult family issues or problems at school. Just as in adults, it can take its toll on their health and quickly spiral out of control.

What may start out as an overload of homework can turn into stress over grades, sleepless nights, exhaustion in the morning, not listening in class, and arguments with family members only to be repeated the next day.

If your child is struggling in school, make an appointment with their teacher to discuss it sooner versus later. Enlist their help in finding solutions to help support your youngster. Stay in communication with their teacher to prevent any misunderstandings, and avoid jumping to conclusions when you only know one side of the story.

Try these things to help your child :

  1. Allow your child at least 30 minutes to unwind from a day at school. Physical activity is good for them and helps clear the mind, reduce the effects of stress, and release good hormones that help them to feel good about themselves.

  2. Have a healthy snack that will nourish and fortify their body. It also feeds the brain. A strong immune system will help them fight off any sickness.

  3. Provide a well-lit, comfortable area to do homework. Give encouragement and support as needed, but allow them to do the actual work.

  4. Sit and enjoy your dinner as a family. Ask how their day at school went and encourage a positive dialogue. Don’t give in to negative talk. Help your child find positive solutions to any problems occurring at school.

  5. Have your child take a relaxing bath or shower in the evening. Avoid the TV because it stimulates the brain. Instead have them read. Young children especially love to be read to. It will help them unwind and fall asleep faster.

Provide a positive atmosphere in your home where your child can flourish even in the midst of difficulties. These temporary problems now can help them become a stronger adult who will be able to tackle anything in the years to come.

As a parent or grandparent, one of the best things that we can do is to offer them unconditional love and support. They need to know that no matter what, you’ve got their back.

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