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Three Tips for Balanced Hormones

1. Get a good night's sleep. Though every body is different, it is recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of good sleep in order to wake refreshed. During sleep, your body releases hormones that regulate functions like metabolism, appetite control, how you'll handle stress, and more. 2. Diet is crucial. Take out (or at least reduce) the processed foods, unhealthy fats (like vegetable oil and margarine), sweet foods and drinks, and caffeine. These foods throw the hormones out of balance. Eat plenty of nutrient rich, high quality proteins. Make sure your meats have no added hormones or antibiotics. Add healthy fats like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grass fed butter, and avocados to your diet. Drink lots of water. 3. Go green! Many of the chemicals in our environment, home, and food, can disrupt the hormones in our body. Get rid of toxic cleaners, personal care products and scented items in your home. Avoid storing food in plastic containers. Use glass or stainless steel. Bathe with pure, natural soaps, and use chemical free skin care products. Consider making your own healthy versions with pure essential oils and many household items in your home.

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