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Back to School Tips

It's that time of the year when our kids are heading back to school. It's exciting, but it can also be hectic. When children have a rough morning at home, they often carry that stressful emotion to school. It can impact how they get along with other kids and negatively affect their class work.

You can often tell if a child's day started out well by how they carry themselves. Being proactive and planning in advance will guarantee that your child has the best possible chance for success.

The key to a great day starts the night before. These simple tips will help make your life and theirs much easier: The night before: 1. Make lunches (theirs and yours) immediately after dinner. 2. Get backpacks filled and ready to go and put them in their designated spot. 3. Have your kids take baths or showers. 4. Lay out clothes. 5. Turn off all electronics at least one hour before turning in. 6. Talk with kids about any fears or concerns they might have.

7. Pray with your child.

8. Get to bed early and sleep tight. Next day: 1. Get up early and have a glass of water.

2. Play your kid's favorite music for motivation. 2. Get dressed completely. 3. Have a nutritious breakfast (no sugary cereals or juice). 4. Send your child off with a hug and a prayer. Let them know they're loved!

It may take a few weeks for these steps to become a habit. You'll probably have to tweak it to fit your family but it will definitely be worth it.

I'd love to hear how these tips work for you and your family. Do you know anyone who would benefit from reading this post? Please feel free to share it with them.

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