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             Great health starts in the kitchen

Are you lost when it comes to making healthy meals you and your family will enjoy?

Are you tired of wondering what's for dinner?

Are you struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, and weight problems?

Do you want to eat healthy but don't know where to start?

Learn how to use food as medicine

Prep meals for the week in advance

Make healthy, delicious, and easy meals your family will love

Save time in the kitchen

   Make healthy snacks and desserts that are amazing 

Say, "No" to fast food and Take Out

Save $$$, and feel incredible 

Cooking at home will improve your health



Watch the videos at your convenience.


You'll get worksheets and some of my favorite recipes

I'll teach you easy techniques for making delicious  meals

You'll watch one video each week and learn how to use food as medicine









only $49 


“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”         

Julia Child

Coach Maggie 4

Healthy Veggie Treats
Chocolate and Nuts
Cooking Eggs
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